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2000W Ceramic Wall Heater Dual Power Setting With Remote Control Touch Panel 3 Modes

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2000W Wall Mounted Panel Heater - Black

The heater is able to heat up rooms easily and rapidly and comes with two power setting options. Furthermore, the heater can be adjusted for normal or greater warmth.

* Efficient ceramic element
* 2 power settings - 1000W / 2000W
* Cool/ Warm/ Hot Wind
* Adjustable thermostat
* LED digital display
* 8.0-hour timer
* Overheat protection
* Quiet operation
* On/off switch
* Remote control
* Wall mountable
* Minimal installation required

* Type: Ceramic
* Power setting: 1000W/ 2000W
* Voltage: 220 - 240V/ 50Hz
* Adjustable temperature: 10℃ - 49℃
* Cable length: 170cm

Package Content:
1x Ceramic Wall Heather
1x Remote Control
1x User Manual