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12 Cube Storage Cabinet with Hanging Bar - Black

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12 Cube Compartment Wardrobe Black with White Doors
The cube compartments are stackable and can be made to form different configurations.
Easy to set up, the wardrobe is made up of waterprood PP plastic material and held
together with magnetic connectors and metal supports for durability.

* 12 cubes DIY storage cabinet
* Large volume and weight capacity for each cube
* Stackable design
* Different combinations
* Include hanger bar
* Magnetic connectors
* Waterproof and mildew-proof
* Wooden hammer included for assembling

* Material: PP Plastic & Metal Frame
* Each cube's weight capacity: 10-15kg
* Each cube's dimension: 36 x 36 x 46cm
* Overall dimension: 144 x 108 x 46cm
* Colour: Black with White Doors

Package Contents
12 X 36 x 36cm Door Panel
12 X 36 x 36cm Black Panel
29 X 46 x 36cm Black Panel
50 X Magnetic Connector
16 X Magnets
1 X Hanging Bar
1 X Wooden Hammer
1 X Assembly Manual

Note: 12 cube refers to the exterior design of this product. Please refer to package content for amount of panels included for cube storage.